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It is an amazing and inspiring video that I would like to share with all of you. Sugarbush is an annual bonsai competition that takes place in California. The event is created by a man named Ron Koppenhoffer who has an idea for a contest to honor the bonsai art of an anonymous collector. The competition requires the winner to have a bonsai tree in their garden that he or she is willing to let him or her take.

The only problem with this bonsai tree idea is that it seems to be a complete hoax. Ron Koppenhoffer is the man behind the event and he has been in a long running feud with a couple of bonsai experts whom he considers to be liars. At the end of the video, we are shown a bonsai tree that is a complete hoax. The tree looks exactly the same as the one in the video, but it is not the original.

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