snowboard tricks names

Since my first ever snowboard trick was a backflip, I’ve been told that it was named after a trick that my friend and I did at the same time. My friend named it after the backspin we did from an upright position while sitting down. It was pretty crazy. I’m pretty sure we were both aware of the fact that our names were synonymous with the backflip and that we were in fact doing two tricks at the same time.

For the record, I just thought you were doing a backflip. I would have loved to have been there when you did that backflip.

Yes, I am aware that both tricks are done from an upright position. That’s why I told you I would have been there to see you do it. I also told you that it was a backflip. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

I think you meant to say you were both doing a backflip and me doing a backflip. I meant both, but I did not realize that you were doing a backflip. You weren’t doing a back flip. You were doing a backflip.

That is the backflip. My legs were stuck in a rut, so I decided to do a backflip. I mean, I was doing a backflip, but it was impossible. I couldn’t move my legs. I couldn’t move my arms. I couldn’t move anything.

You can’t move your arms? I thought you were doing a backflip.

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