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To all those who have asked, my name is Paul Smith. I am the owner and creator of smith embark sunglasses. I am also the author of a book called “How to Get Your Dog to Give Your Doggie Life” (

The book is written by a guy who’s been on a quest to find the perfect dog food for his puggle, so I figured I’d try to write a book about my dog. The first page of the book contains a list of ingredients which I have tried before. The second page of the book lists ingredients that I haven’t tried yet, so you can still be sure that you won’t be able to find the exact recipe for the exact dog food of your dreams.

This is one of those “what if” scenarios- what if I found the exact recipe for the exact dog food that you dream of having. A dog lover, author, and dog food enthusiast, I can confidently say that I will be able to find the next best dog food for my puggle, but right now I just have to find the ingredients for that dog food.

I’m a former writer who has tried dog food and dog food ingredients. I like to imagine that the ingredients in my dog food come from my imagination. If I had the ingredients, I would concoct a recipe that is exactly what I would want for my puggle. Of course, there are always ingredients that I have never tried, and I am one of those people who is constantly looking for what to buy, and what to cook, to have in my kitchen.

We know you must have a favorite. Mine is a dog named Daphne (she is a brown and white collie mixture or “feral” female). We had a Daphne here. She was a bit of a bitch, but she was a good dog. She was the size of a large dog, had a bad leg, and was almost always licking the skin on my arm. However, she had a very bad habit of biting me with her claws.

I think she will have to be a good deal gentler than her ex-owner, if I can get her to behave. She is still a dog.

Not even the most vicious dog is invincible, however. This one might be a challenge. However, if you have a dog you would like to try one of our glasses, then do so and let us know with your email. We are always looking for new dogs for sale. We have a very small dog breed, and we are looking for another dog to help us out at the office.

This is the second pair of glasses that I ordered for her. The first was a pair of sunglasses. These glasses should be a great match for her. She will have to be a little gentler than her owner, and maybe a little more understanding. That is if she doesn’t start biting me with her claws.

The first order of business for the owner of a dog is to think about the breed and look it over for any health issues that would need to be taken care of. It’s also good to check for any allergies and other problems that may need to be taken care of. I’m not a vet, and it’s not my place to judge how any of these things work, but in this case, if it’s possible she could handle it ok.

The dog owner’s first order of business is to find a way to talk to someone she can talk to about all of this. It’s not just about the dog – it’s about her too. She needs to know she’s not alone in her grief. And her grief can also be a place for her to talk and share her troubles. It’s hard to imagine her letting him chew her ear if she can talk to him about it.

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