skate banana

It’s really hard to find a banana that doesn’t have a bit of green on it, and this one has been especially challenging. Every time I find myself reaching for one, the green just pops up and grows until it’s all gone. Every time I find one that has been touched with a bit of green, it stays. And every time I find one that has been eaten, the green is gone.

It’s because of this fruit’s green that it’s the most commonly seen thing on the internet. You can’t really blame the guy who got bored of it when his friends came over to his house and found it. He was probably just too busy trying to find a banana that didn’t have a bit of green.

Skate banana has an interesting history. It was first brought to our attention by a bunch of users who were upset that their friends had not accepted their invitation to a party. Soon enough, other users had begun posting pictures of the fruit on various websites, asking for it to be taken down. The first person to take the fruit down was a random guy named Benji who uploaded a picture of it on a website called

The banana was taken down in a matter of hours. To our surprise, it was the sort of banana that skateboarders would normally not be seen with. Benji did, however, post to other websites that suggested that the banana was a fake, or at least a fake created to look like a banana.

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