red gerard says fuck

We all have our moments of clarity. For me, it’s the summer heat and the constant flow of air conditioning that makes me realize that I have a serious problem with gerards.

I was recently in a coffee shop with a friend and we were laughing about the fact that it is so hot in the summer that I cannot have my morning coffee. I then realized my friend was thinking the same thing. He was thinking that it is hot because I have a serious problem with gerards. He then proceeded to say his plan was to go buy a bunch of them, but he also had a plan to go to the store and get some for me.

I was at a coffee shop yesterday and I wanted to get some for my sister, and this friend who was sitting next to me was talking about gerards and how he got so many of them. I was like “I just don’t get gerards”. He then proceeded to tell me about the guy who brought them into the store and how he sold them to me for $1.50 a pop.

crab and grab

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