oakley mod 3 helmet

The oakley mod 3 helmet is the best thing in the world if you are looking for an everyday protective head covering to keep yourself safe while out and about. Designed to stay secure all day long, the oakley mod 3 helmet will keep you protected from the outside world and the sun in addition...CONTINUE READING

burton rewind

I love my burton rewind – it is a simple, but effective method that I use to keep track of everything that I do in my life. It is literally the only thing I do all day that I don’t forget as soon as I get home. I also love the fact that I have...CONTINUE READING

wesley kremer

I am truly amazed by how much I like and appreciate the work of Wesley Kremer. A former CEO of several Silicon Valley companies, Kremer is an accomplished author and a leading expert on the impact of technology on society. He has devoted his life to helping people understand the impact technology has on our...CONTINUE READING

cool snowboard pictures

I’m lucky enough to have a snowboard shop in my home town and I love seeing the difference that snowboarding can make to the winter landscape. I’m especially fond of the snowboarding pictures on this page. Snowboarding pictures are usually taken in the winter, but I think the one pictured here is a perfect example...CONTINUE READING
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