hood freaks

When I say hood freaks, what I mean is people who are completely and completely different then you and their lifestyle might seem like an odd group to you. But let me give you a little taste of how they can be.

You may have heard of the Hood Clan, a group of people who live in rural America and have been causing a lot of trouble for years. They’ve been known to go around killing people with knives and guns, eating people alive, and generally terrorizing the area. The Hood Clan, like the other groups I’m talking about, is a part of a larger group of hooded figures.

The hooded figures are a sub-group of the “Hood Clan,” so if you haven’t heard of it, that’s probably not a good sign. Hoods are supernatural beings. They are often considered to be the living embodiment of the Devil. They can be found in various places including cities, towns, villages, and even in the countryside.

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