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This was the first time I tried to write about self-awareness, and the feeling of knowing you’re not alone. I was just trying to make myself feel at ease. I had no clue why I needed to be alone. I had no idea we needed to be alone. I just knew that I needed to be alone.

Hannah Peterson is an artist who lives in the small town of Pine Bluff (pop. 8,700) in Arkansas where she makes handmade dolls. She has a lot of friends who do the same sort of thing and she helps them out by buying supplies and making some of their dolls, so that they can have a place to hang their art. The dolls themselves are made from cotton, a natural material that can be dyed to look like fabrics.

Most of her creations are still handmade. But she also owns a factory that makes the dolls by hand using a machine that she bought used. The idea is that you don’t need the machine anymore and it doesn’t matter that much because her factory makes the dolls so cheaply. She also says that she makes a few of her dolls every year because she makes enough for her to be able to afford her own place. Her doll is a new one just starting the production process.

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