flux ds bindings

This is an example of how I’m able to get the best out of my flux ds. The design of the binding keeps the flux ds in place, but it allows me to see the different pieces that I’ve chosen and allow the different pieces to have their own individual personalities. I’ve found that it is much better to have a few pieces that have a different personality than a bunch of pieces that are all the same.

So in this case, the piece that is your primary power and the piece that is your secondary power. They have different effects on the player’s character and allow you to play differently from the player.

If you want to make a power that has a variety of effects, then the best way to do that is to use each of the powers. You can give a piece of your primary power the ability to add a second primary power (like a second life) to an existing primary power (like a time-loop). This allows you to create a range of powers that you can use with any of your primary powers.

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