burton binding straps

My husband, the love of my life, and I made our first burton binding straps and it was the most fun we had in a long time. We had just purchased a new pair of jeans and we weren’t sure which brand to buy. We kept looking around in the stores and finally decided to go with Burton. It was a really fun and easy project and really helped us get more invested in our jeans.

It’s always fun to make our own burton binding straps, but they are very easily replaceable. So if you buy a pair of jeans with Burton binding, just take the binding out and put it back in, and they’re back.

It is so much more fun to buy a pair of jeans with the Burton binding than to try to get a pair of jeans to fit without the binding. The binding is a great accessory, but the rest of the jeans are great. I love the fact that Burton is so focused on getting people comfortable with their products that they make them fun and easy to replace.

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