adidas tactical boots

I’m a big fan of adidas. They make shoes that fit just right for me, the style, the color, and the fit is amazing. However, they haven’t always been a good fit for me. In the past, the brand has made me feel like a piece of shit. For instance, I used to wear the white adidas shoes that I got when I was a kid and felt like a piece of shit.

My son was one of those kids who used to wear the black adidas shoes he got after his first year at college. They were a huge improvement and it seemed like he was always making his way to the office in them. I’m actually surprised he didn’t try them out for real last year.

That’s why I was so excited to try out the new adidas tactical boots adidas sent out last week. They’re like an athletic shoe for the street, except for the fact they’re not meant for the street. They’re a bit more streetwear-y than my old pair, but they’re still for the street, the same way Nike’s Street Classics, Adidas’s adidas Originals, or Hervé Léger’s adidas Originals are.

Im not really a fan of anything that comes down to the street. I feel like its more likely to get you into trouble than help you out. But I think the boots are a good example of a line of streetwear that can be a bit more streetwear-y than your average shoe. Thats because theyre not actually for the street. Theyre for the street-y.

The adidas Tactical Boots are the best example of that. Theyre a pair of kicks that are designed for the street, and theyre designed to be tough and nigh-indestructible. So if youre wearing them in a nightclub or in an office or at a party, you can expect them to be able to last you for a couple of days.

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