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The best place to start looking for smarty-pants of the moment is your local thrift store or garage sale. This is a great way to find cool, modern pieces without breaking the bank.

Smarty pants are a hot topic right now. It’s a great way to get a bunch of cool, modern pieces without breaking the bank. While it’s easy to buy the “smartest” clothes off the rack, it’s often hard to find pieces you’ve never seen before. So what if you look at the clothing options you have (like the ones on the blog), and think, “Oh yeah, I can’t go wrong with a smarty-pants.

This is one of those situations where you can use the fact that you are a smart person to your advantage. You can be like, “Oh no, I have a smarty-pants, and I dont want to look stupid.” You can find the clothing, and then look at the tags, and see if you can spot some of your own fabric. You could even take a picture of the pants and upload it to a blog or to Vimeo.

I’m sure you’ve seen the many smarty-pants related images that are cropping up on the Internet right now. Its not just the designer label that is making a splash. Most of the smarty-pants-made-by-mugshot kind are quite simply the clothes of someone you know, with a very creative use of smarty-pants.

The popularity of these smarty-pants-made-by-mugshot kind of photos is growing fast. I remember being a kid and looking at a smarty-pants picture posted on a site like MySpace and getting so excited that I wanted to download it right away. One of the most popular ones I remember seeing was from an ex-boyfriend who was a high school classmate of mine and I can still remember getting excited about it.

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